Why Online Freelancing Is The Next Employment Frontier

In Kenya, about 43 million people have access to the internet with a population of 52 million that results in a penetration of about 83%. Online freelancing dwells mainly on outsourcing of labour and the provision of services from anywhere in the world with the convenience of at-home comfort. It serves to reduce the dependency on every day 8 to 6 jobs.

 The biggest advantage that comes with freelancing is the fact that it allows the skilled worker to have more free time on their hands as you aren’t tied down to one employer or a routine job. You have more time with the family and basically for yourself while still earning. Once you are done with the assigned task, you have time left to even learn new skills building your reputation further, making you more valuable. It is strictly merit-based, your portfolio speaks to the employers so make sure you make yours worth the read.

 From the comfort of your home, one is able to achieve anything done from an office. Cutting on transport costs as well as the rental fee needed to accommodate employees. In these hard economic times, job security isn’t existent. Why dedicate 12 hours of your life to wake up Monday morning to a notice of termination. You’re fired! So, what next? 

Oh, have I mentioned there is NO LIMIT to what you can earn. Your earnings are based on the time taken and the quality of output produced. It defies the barriers of earning and the concept of monthly salaries. The more the effort, the more the earnings. As a freelancer, you most likely enjoy whatever you are doing having a direct impact on the performance. It allows you to focus on the clients you are most interested in.

The employer, on the other hand, is able to outsource professional freelancers from all over the world with a click of a button. No permanent contract, no monthly payroll equaling to a huge cut in the money needed to operate the company. Visual representation of a freelancer’s ability portrayed through the freelancer’s profile helps the employer easy identify what aligns with the company making the search much easier as compared to written CVs. Employee benefits are also becoming increasingly expensive for the employer. 

Technology through different video and audio platforms available facilitates smooth, seamless communication between the employer and freelancer. face to face conferences can be held from anywhere in the world serving as yet another great tool.

So why go through all the hustle of traffic jams, mean bosses, lack of time for yourself when you can freelance. Doesn’t this seem like a better future?

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  • Binal Juma

    Binal Juma

    9 months ago

    This is very true, with the current unemployment crisis we have to find an option to survive……As an individual in the industry i can ascertain that its a good profession

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